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Cape York Peninsula Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia - home to a thriving business community and a strong sense of community spirit. Here are some of the best examples of business and community in and around our town.


1. Wujal Wujal Arts and Cultural Centre – A social enterprise providing traditional and contemporary art, cultural tours and an art gallery showcasing local Indigenous artists.

2. The Cape York Partnership – A community-based organization supporting local businesses, employment and education for the Indigenous population.

3. Cape York Helicopters – A family-owned business providing scenic flights and transport services to remote areas.

4. The Croc Tent – A tourist attraction offering feeding sessions and educational talks on the local crocodile population


1. Indigenous festivals - Including the Laura Dance Festival and the Weipa Fishing Classic, showcasing traditional dances, music and food.

2. Community Gardens – Providing a space for locals to grow fresh produce and create a sense of community.

3. The Lockhart River Arts Centre – Supporting local artists from one of the most remote communities in Australia.

4. Local markets – The Cooktown Markets and the Mossman Markets provide a great opportunity for locals to purchase fresh produce and hand-made items, fostering a sense of community spirit.

Overall, Cape York Peninsula is home to a diverse range of businesses and community initiatives that highlight the beauty and culture of the area.

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